Best areas in Edmonton for former Toronto residents

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There is no doubt that moving from Toronto to Edmonton marks a significant change. This journey opens up new opportunities and lifestyles. Edmonton, known for its vibrant communities and scenic beauty, offers a unique appeal to those accustomed to Toronto’s bustling city life. The cost of living is more affordable here, allowing for a comfortable lifestyle without the financial pressures often felt in Toronto. Additionally, Edmonton’s rich cultural scene and outdoor activities provide former Toronto residents with a balanced mix of urban and natural experiences. From the lively festivals in Old Strathcona to the tranquil river valley, Edmonton welcomes newcomers with open arms, promising a fresh start with the comforts of a big city and the charm of close-knit communities in some of the best areas in Edmonton for former Toronto residents.

Why move from Toronto to Edmonton?

Why consider hiring movers Toronto and relocating from Toronto to Edmonton? The reasons are compelling. First, the cost of living in Edmonton is significantly lower. For example, housing prices in Edmonton are much more affordable, allowing for a larger living space at a fraction of Toronto’s cost. Then, there’s the quality of life. Edmonton offers vast green spaces, less congestion, and a strong sense of community, providing a peaceful yet vibrant lifestyle. Employment opportunities in sectors like technology, health, and energy are on the rise in Edmonton, contrasting with Toronto’s saturated job market.

A person holding a model house
Many people decide to relocate from Toronto to Edmonton because of the more affordable cost of living

Areas in Edmonton for former Toronto residents

For those considering the shift from Toronto, Edmonton presents neighborhoods that stand out for their unique qualities. And long distance movers Toronto can help you transition smoothly to areas such as Strathcona, Oliver, Glenora, and Westmount. Each of these Edmonton neighborhoods offers something special for former Toronto residents.

  • Strathcona: Reminiscent of Toronto’s Queen West, known for its arts scene, lively markets, and historic architecture. The community vibe is vibrant and welcoming.
  • Oliver: Similar to Toronto’s Yonge and Eglinton, Oliver is dynamic, featuring high-rise apartments, a plethora of dining options, and accessibility, making it ideal for young professionals.
  • Glenora: This area echoes the upscale feel of Toronto’s Rosedale, offering luxurious homes, mature trees, and proximity to top-tier schools and parks.
  • Westmount: Comparable to The Danforth with its family-friendly atmosphere, Westmount provides affordable living, diverse community events, and easy access to amenities.


Strathcona, Edmonton’s vibrant heart, beckons with its lively culture and entertainment venues, mirroring Toronto’s dynamic arts scene. Think of it as Edmonton’s answer to Kensington Market. It offers eclectic shops, cafes, and street art. Its close proximity to the University of Alberta adds a youthful energy akin to Toronto’s University District. This is the reason many students decide to hire one of the moving companies cross Canada and relocate here. The bustling Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market and the annual Edmonton International Fringe Festival are standout examples. These events draw locals and visitors alike, creating a spirited community atmosphere throughout the year.


Oliver is a dream spot for young professionals moving to Edmonton. This neighborhood brims with diverse dining and nightlife options, offering everything from cozy cafés to upscale restaurants, much like Toronto’s vibrant culinary scene. It’s easy access to public transportation, including buses and the LRT, makes getting around the city a breeze. Plus, Oliver’s closeness to the river valley invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore extensive trails and parks. Imagine jogging or cycling along the North Saskatchewan River on weekends, a perfect blend of urban living and nature. This balance makes Oliver not just a place to live. It is a lifestyle choice for those seeking a dynamic and active urban experience.

A group of friends
Oliver is one of the best areas in Edmonton for former Toronto residents


Glenora is known for its upscale living, offering a historic neighborhood lined with luxurious homes. Picture grand residences that combine old-world charm with modern amenities, akin to Toronto’s Rosedale area. Families value Glenora for its beauty. But also, for its access to top-rated schools, ensuring quality education for their children. Additionally, the area boasts proximity to cultural gems like the Royal Alberta Museum and the Art Gallery of Alberta. Not to forget, Glenora is surrounded by lush parks, including the picturesque MacKinnon Ravine Park, perfect for leisurely walks or morning jogs. This combination of luxury, education, culture, and nature makes Glenora a highly sought-after area for those seeking a refined lifestyle in Edmonton.


Westmount stands out as a family-friendly community, offering more affordable housing options than Toronto. For instance, you can find spacious homes in Westmount at prices significantly lower than Toronto’s average, making it an attractive choice for families. This neighborhood is alive with community events and activities, such as the Westmount Community League’s family movie nights and seasonal festivals, fostering a strong sense of belonging and togetherness. Moreover, its proximity to Westmount Shopping Centre means convenience is just around the corner. You’ll have easy access to a variety of shops, services, and eateries, making daily errands and leisure activities a breeze. This blend of affordability, community spirit, and convenience makes Westmount an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and enriching lifestyle in Edmonton.

People in the shopping mall
Westmount has many amenities, such as Westmount Shopping Centre, for shopping lovers

Explore the beautiful neighborhoods of Edmonton

After relocating from Toronto, exploring the beautiful neighborhoods of the city of Edmonton offers a refreshing new perspective on city living. Each one of the areas in Edmonton for former Toronto residents has a unique charm and community spirit. From the lively streets of Strathcona to the tranquil, tree-lined avenues of Glenora, Edmonton unfolds as a city of endless possibilities and adventures. The transition introduces newcomers to a blend of urban excitement and serene natural beauty, distinct from Toronto’s pace. Embracing Edmonton’s diverse neighborhoods allows you to rediscover the joys of community, nature, and a balanced lifestyle. This exploration does not only ease the adjustment to a new city. It also turns the journey into an adventure filled with discovery and belonging.

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