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Moving certain items requires special care. It’s only natural that you want the best for your belongings, which is why you should hire experienced moving experts to handle them. With our professional specialty moving services, you will have your valuables relocated to any desired location safely and efficiently. Whether you need specialty moving services in Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA, Phillips Moving and Storage Toronto is the way to go! Don’t hesitate – give us a call today, and our team will make sure you have a seamless relocation experience.

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Book our specialty moving services, and let us take care of all the hard work that goes into relocating.

Why choose us?

Phillips Moving and Storage is a longstanding, trustworthy moving company in Canada you can rely on regardless of your moving needs. We are a family-operated company that has been in the moving business since 1923. Doing thousands of relocations in 100 years has led generations of our movers only to expand and perfect their knowledge of the business. Now, we are confident in our skills and experience as one of the leading moving companies in Toronto and the GTA. Reach out to us, and get a free moving estimate from our friendly staff. We will listen to you and work out a personalized moving plan for your specific moving needs. You’ll have an impeccable and stress-free moving experience with us by your side!

What specialty moving services does Phillips Moving and Storage offer?

Choosing the right kind of moving services is one of the keys to a seamless relocation. Because we believe everyone deserves a carefree moving experience, we offer competitive prices and a variety of moving services. Give us a call and book our services for your upcoming move:

In addition to our local, long-distance, and international moving services, we also provide specialty moving services for all those items in your household that are tricky to pack and move. With us, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your precious possessions. Our skilled moving crew is trained to handle various kinds of items properly. Some of the fragile items we handle are:

  • electronics
  • wine
  • exercise equipment
  • electrical fixtures
  • outdoor objects like hot tubs, basketball hoops, swing sets, trampolines, and gas grills/BBQs
  • pianos
  • other items like furniture, appliances, etc.


We move electronic goods like flat-screen TVs, personal computers and home theatre systems. If required, we can remove the flat-screen TV from the wall, disconnect it properly and wrap and crate it to ensure that it is shipped to your new location safely. We will even uncrate and remount the TV set on delivery. Before moving home theatre systems and personal computers, we disconnect the wires and cables and disassemble the systems carefully. The loose parts and wires are then wrapped, crated, and shipped. On delivery, we reconnect the devices and test them to confirm that they are working properly.

Ideally, electronic goods you want to be moved should always be packed in their original boxes. If you fail to find the original boxes or have already thrown them away, our custom crating services will have you covered.


Contact us to move your wine collection from Toronto or the GTA. We employ a proprietary procedure for safely packing and storing your wine bottles for shipment. We will provide you with custom-built crates for packing the wine bottles and will pack your entire wine collection. These special crates ensure that the bottles don’t break during the move. We always ship wine bottles in refrigerated trucks. As a result, the temperature of the wine is maintained successfully, even if it’s a long-distance move.

Exercise equipment

We move all kinds of exercise equipment, including elliptical trainers, treadmills, and universal gyms. You can rely on the moving staff of Phillips Moving and Storage to safely disassemble the equipment and wrap and label the loose parts, then transport the equipment to your new location and reassemble them.

woman doing inventory
Let our knowledgeable team pack and move your exercise equipment securely.

When transporting exercise equipment with weights, we remove the weights before packing the machine. The dismantled parts and weights from each machine are kept together and labeled accordingly. Twine and ropes are used for securing loose weights. On the other hand, loose wires and cords are secured with twist ties or tape. Pieces from the same equipment are then packed together.

Electrical fixtures

You can book our specialty moving services for relocating electrical fixtures like ceiling fans, light fixtures, and chandeliers.

  • Ceiling fans: First, we remove the blades and wrap them one by one. The fan is then disconnected from the ceiling and packed separately. On delivery, we unpack, assemble and connect all your ceiling fans.
  • Light fixtures: Our moving staff works by removing both external and internal housings of light bulbs using the appropriate tools. Then, we detach the wiring and pack the light fixtures in custom-built crates using packing supplies of the highest quality.
  • Chandeliers: We disconnect the chandelier, remove all the crystals from it, wrap all its parts separately, and pack the chandelier in a custom-made crate before transporting it to your new location.

Outdoor objects

We move outdoor objects like hot tubs, basketball hoops, swing sets, trampolines, and gas grills/BBQs. Before packing and transporting these items, we disassemble them and wrap the parts separately. All parts of the same object are packed together to make the reassembling process easier.  Our moving staff will reassemble these outdoor objects on delivery. When moving hot tubs, we begin by disconnecting lines and capping them (we do the same also when shipping gas grills and BBQs). If needed, we drain the tubs. We even reconnect hot tubs and fill them on delivery when requested by the customer.

Piano moving

The skills required for moving a piano safely and efficiently are different from those required for moving most other objects. Phillips Moving and Storage Canada is represented by experienced moving staff specially trained for moving pianos. You can book our piano moving services to move pianos of all sizes and shapes. We have moving personnel who can relocate concert grand pianos as safely and easily as they move baby grand pianos.

Other items we move

Here are some more items we move:

  • Furniture like Murphy beds, waterbeds, computer desks, and wall units
  • Appliances like refrigerators, water softeners, dishwashers, and washers/dryers
  • Table games like ping pong, foosball, and billiards
  • Grandfather clocks

If required, we disassemble and pack these items for shipment and reassemble and re-install them on delivery.



Custom packing and crating is our forte

When you move your valuable belongings, you must make sure that they are packed properly. Opt for comprehensive custom crating services offered by Phillips Moving and Storage to keep your precious belongings safe during the move. We offer a wide range of custom-designed wooden boxes and crates. The factors we consider before designing a box or crate for a particular object include its shape, size, and material. The certified crating experts working at Phillips Moving and Storage use state-of-the-art procedures to make custom-made shipping crates for packing sculptures, mirrors, paintings, marble tops, and all oversized and/or valuable items you want to ship.

mover carrying a couch
We’ll take care of moving your furniture safely.

Choose us for your next move and relocate with ease

Having a reliable team of movers by your side when you’re relocating in the city of Toronto or elsewhere is crucial for a memorable experience. At Phillips Moving and Storage Toronto, we treat our clients as our family. Because of that, our crew will make sure you feel heard and cared for during the entire relocation process. Rely on us to handle your most precious items, and book our specialty moving services. Contact us today, and let us show you that moving can be pleasurable and carefree!


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