Fun things to do with kids after moving to Edmonton

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Moving to a new city can be an adventure, especially with family by your side. If you’ve just relocated to Edmonton with help from professional movers in Toronto, you’re in for a treat. Edmonton offers an abundance of fun and educational activities that are perfect for kids of all ages. From interactive science fairs to lush parks and wildlife encounters, this city is filled with opportunities to create ever-lasting memories. Exploring fun things to do with kids after moving to Edmonton can be a great way to help your children adjust to living in their new home and environment.

Visit the Edmonton Valley Zoo

If you’re moving from Toronto to Edmonton and looking for a delightful place to take the kids, the Edmonton Valley Zoo should be at the top of your list. This charming zoo is home to a diverse range of animals, from Arctic wolves to red pandas. Each exhibit is designed to be both educational and engaging, making it a perfect spot for children to learn about different species and their habitats.

going to the zoo is one of the fun things to do with kids after moving to Edmonton
After you’ve settled into your new home, a visit to the Edmonton Valley Zoo promises a memorable day out with the kids, full of laughter.

Interactive activities at the zoo offer kids a chance to be close to the animals and learn more about the world around them. Not only is it fun, but it lets them learn about animals and respect the wildlife. The zoo’s emphasis on conservation is a great way to stress the need to save natural habitats for future generations and instill proper values.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo runs different seasonal events all year round, the majority of which are entertaining and educational. These events are another learning experience, perfect for a fun family day. The Edmonton Valley Zoo is full of options for discovery and enjoyment, whether it’s a guided tour or a special animal meet and greet.

Explore Fort Edmonton Park

After your move with Canada cross country movers, taking your family on a journey through time at Fort Edmonton Park can be a great afternoon idea. This living history museum allows kids and adults alike to experience Edmonton’s rich history firsthand.

Here’s what makes Fort Edmonton Park a must-visit:

  • Historical Buildings: Stroll through faithfully recreated edifices that represent different periods of Edmonton’s history. Every building speaks up a legend and gives a look at the lifestyle of the former dwellers.
  • Costumed Interpreters: Interactive with interpreters wearing period clothes make history alive. They perform the scenes and give interesting details about the historical context of Edmonton.
  • Hands-on Activities: Children are introduced to traditional crafts and games, which help them understand the way of life in the past.
  • Educational Programs: These programs are more detailed to specific historical themes and events, which is great for the very curious young minds.
  • Seasonal Events: Throughout the year, the park arranges different events that commemorate historical traditions and holidays.

Check Out the TELUS World of Science

TELUS World of Science is one of the fun things to do with kids after moving to Edmonton. It is an education and excitement center that is perfect for kids to get an adrenaline rush in the territory of science and technology.

The TELUS World of Science is an environment that encourages curiosity and enables learning for visitors of all ages. It features a collection of interactive exhibits on various scientific subjects, ranging from physics to biology. The exhibits allow children to interact with them by experimenting and participating in interactive activities, making learning entertaining and memorable.

a little girl looking through a microscope
The TELUS World of Science is an impressive venture for children.

Moreover, the science center has an IMAX theater that provides a full movie experience with educational films about nature, space, and technology. The IMAX is known to make difficult scientific concepts accessible and exciting for kids.

The planetarium in TELUS World of Science is another attraction worth visiting. It offers an awesome view of the stars and planets and guided shows that take visitors on a journey through the universe. The planetarium presentations are both informative and fascinating, giving viewers a perspective on astronomy that is difficult to get anywhere else.

Enjoy the West Edmonton Mall

One of the fun things to do with kids after moving to Edmonton is the West Edmonton Mall. Known as one of the largest malls in North America, it offers more than just shopping. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Endless Entertainment at Galaxyland

Featuring daring rides and attractions that are appropriate for all ages, Galaxyland is the mall’s indoor amusement park. There is something here for everyone to make them smile — from roller coasters to gentler rides for younger children. It is a lively place, with laughter and happiness floating in the air, making it an ideal place for families to leave their memories.

Dive into Fun at World Waterpark

World Waterpark is another amazing attraction located at the West Edmonton Mall, next to Galaxyland. The wave pool is large, with many water slides and areas for both leisure and adventure. If you desire to laze on a floating tube or scream down a slide, the water park is the perfect place to chill and enjoy.

mother and daughter in a grocery store buying bananas
West Edmonton Mall offers a wealth of activities that provide a whole day of fun and pleasure.

Family Fun at Hawrelak Park

Play at Hawrelak Park after settling in with the help of long distance movers Canada. The park is spacious and lies in the natural beauty of Edmonton’s river valley. It is the perfect destination for families in search of outdoor fun. The park has a number of fully equipped playgrounds where kids can climb, swing, and play all day long. For a quiet visit, boating on the tranquil lake can be a pleasant way to be in nature.

Numerous picnic areas are available for a family gathering or a restful snack. When winter comes, Hawrelak Park becomes a beautiful winter world, and you can skate on the frozen lake.

Discover Endless Family Fun in Edmonton

As you settle into your new home in Edmonton, you’ll find an array of fun things to do with kids after moving to Edmonton. The city offers a wealth of activities that cater to family enjoyment and learning. Dive into the educational pursuits at the TELUS World of Science, where interactive exhibits bring science to life. Thrill-seekers will love the exciting rides at Galaxyland in the West Edmonton Mall. For nature enthusiasts, the natural beauty of Hawrelak Park provides a perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures. Furthermore, historical sites, interactive museums, and spacious parks are just what you need to create memorable family experiences. Embrace Edmonton’s community and start enjoying the best of your new life.

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