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Who knows how many times you’ve heard that moving is difficult? But is it so? Not if you have the right Toronto moving company, such as Philips Moving and Storage, by your side. We’ve got you covered in all moving tasks, no matter the distance, type, or complexity of your relocation. And if you are searching for dependable movers North York residents rely on the most, search no more! You’ve landed on the right address. So, get a quick moving estimate via our quote form, or call us directly at (888) 557-7541 and let us arrange everything for you.

A happy child inside the box
Relocation doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

Meet Phillips Moving and Storage

The story behind one of the most reliable and trustworthy moving companies in Toronto has lasted since 1923. Being a family-owned company, our main goal is to provide our clients with a family-friendly moving atmosphere supported by premium moving services. What’s peculiar about us is that we are not a common moving company that only provides just moving labor and generic moving services.

We are a North York moving company trusted by many families in the Greater Toronto area – check out our reviews to see what they’re saying about us! Our principal mission is to erase all the stress a relocation can impose. Wonder how? By providing a tailored moving plan. This moving approach is what makes us stand out from others. So, if you find us a perfect moving match, contact us and let us fulfill all your moving requirements.

Perks of hiring movers North York residents gladly choose

The reasons and benefits of hiring our North York movers are endless. When getting in touch with us, you’ll find that our movers are more than just simple physical workers that will lift your boxes. They are more than that – they are knowledgeable, experienced, skillful, and most importantly, caring and devoted. Movers in North York will approach your relocation with utmost care and devotion, paying attention to the slightest details by making a customized moving plan. This way, they will prevent any inconveniences. Whichever moving services you choose, you can be sure that movers in North York will meet your requirements.

Premium moving services at affordable price

Here at Philips Moving and Storage, we have it all! No matter the distance and number of moving services you need, we will provide you with everything:

However, that’s not all we offer. We’ll cover every single aspect of your move with the following moving services.

Tailored moving services at your disposal

As you can see, we are not a usual moving company – our services are more than just related to distance. We cover any segment of your move:

  1. Packing services: Our North York movers use the latest packing equipment and constantly improve packing methods. They will provide you with the safest moving boxes, too.
  2. Specialty moving services: These services refer to sensitive belongings. They cover numerous (almost endless number) items, such as pianos, pool tables, appliances, electronics, valuables, and even wine collections. Our movers can move anything, of course, in accordance with the laws and regulations of a destination country.
  3. Home staging: Not many companies can say they offer such a service. We are one of the companies that can provide you with home staging. And this service is not a default one. We’ll provide you with customized floor plans.
  4. Senior moving services: Our commitment refers to anyone, regardless of age. Our love and appreciation towards seniors is something we have nurtured from the very start of our company. With us, seniors won’t have to lift a finger!
  5. Corporate relocation: As a family-operated company, we are fully aware of all the challenges of running a business. Thus, we’ve developed corporate moving services that will cater to your business needs.
Movers North York offers carrying boxes
You won’t have to lift a finger when hiring one of the best movers North York has to offer.

Steps to hiring some of the best movers in North York

In a couple of clicks you will be on your way to moving quickly but efficiently:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Fill in our quick quote and submit your request or call us directly at (888) 557-7541
  3. We’ll get back to you with a moving estimate in no time

And don’t forget to connect with us on social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or check out our blog section.

FAQs about moving with us

You probably have some questions about the relocation, and we’ve singled out the most important ones:

  • What is the best time to move? There’s no universal answer to this – any time that suits you is the right time. However, you should have several factors in mind. You should avoid the peak season since the movers are the busiest then. On the other hand, you shouldn’t pick the winter season due to low temperatures. Next, consider the day. Weekends are the busiest.
  • What’s the cost of the move? It depends on many factors, such as the distance, the type of services, the time of the move, etc. So, contact your movers and find out.
  • What can I move? You can move practically anything as long as it is under the rules and regulations. Keep in mind that hazardous materials are not allowed.

About North York

If you’ve ever thought about living in North York, here are some of the neighborhood’s highlights. It is known as Toronto’s second downtown. The neighborhood is vibrant but also offers a community feel. And if you are a night owl, you’ll definitely like its nightlife. There’s also something for foodies, shopaholics, and art lovers.

It is highly multicultural and highly industrialized. Many headquarters and offices of major corporations have built their offices here, like Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Cadbury Adams, Lindt & Sprüngli, Equifax, and Xerox. Additionally, condominiums are scattered all over North York, giving access to many neighborhoods in which to live. The region is emerging from a suburban feel to one resembling a downtown.

view of Toronto
North York is an affluent neighborhood of Toronto.

When it comes to housing, it’s no wonder it is considered the most diverse and desirable area in Toronto. Here, you can find everything you need, from single-family homes and semi-detached houses to both low and high-rise apartment buildings. According to Point2Homes, the average cost for homes is $1,103,464, which is significantly higher than the rest of Toronto. However, having in mind that North York is an affluent neighborhood, the prices may be considered reasonable. The average annual income is $89,867, which is higher than Toronto’s average.

North York offers full amenities from hospitals, churches, schools and universities, libraries, parks, museums, markets, and shopping malls among many other facilities. The North York Central Library is the largest Toronto Public Library. York University, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Osgoode Hall Law School, and Tyndale University College and Seminary are all situated in North York. You can basically find everything you need here. Moving to North York would most likely mean opening yourself to more opportunities!

Get in touch with us today!

Now that you know all the benefits of hiring movers North York residents choose over others, it’s time to make your move. Contact Phillips Moving and Storage Toronto today, get your moving estimate, and let our professionals draft a perfect moving plan for your upcoming relocation whether you are moving locally or long distances. Let us be a part of your new life by providing you with a fruitful collaboration. 

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