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This summer – from June through August – take a stroll through Toronto’s vibrant Annex neighbourhood and check out the compelling documentaries featured at the Bloor Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. A historic, community cinema tucked in the Bloor Street Culture Corridor, this year-round home for first-run Canadian and international documentaries offers its new and dedicated audiences some repertory and specialized fiction film programming every year. Here’s a “highlights reel” of why you should pay this intimate Cinema a visit:


1. The Packed Screenings Schedule.

Over the next two months, the Hot Docs Cinema has up to as many as five screenings available every day until the end of August for some very intriguing and thought provoking documentaries. These ‘docs’ also play multiple times per week (and per month) which will be very convenient and flexible to accommodate your busy schedule! The range of genres is also nothing to sneeze at; from music history to political/global issues, there is bound to be a film which will catch your interest. Some of the many documentaries being offered for viewing are: Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind, Echo In The Canyon, Buddy, Gaza, and so many more! Over 40 documentaries are available to be viewed. Check out the complete schedule if you’re already interested, and don’t delay!

…and for the reasonable price of just $11.50 per ticket, how can you go wrong?


2. A Value-Packed Membership Program.

Whether you’re a (hardcore) documentary films lover, want to get further involved in supporting your local community, or are just looking for a hobby in which to spend your leisure, you’ll want to hear about this. Year-round, expect to receive and save on:

  • advance ordering and discount opportunities on film screenings and special events
  • members-only screening invitations
  • discounts on select merchandise, deals of the month and exclusive member emails

Keep in mind that memberships are offered at Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Founders Circle tiers, and the perks offered under each category are pretty sweet! Read on here. Value for money, or what?


3. The Much Anticipated Hot Docs Festival.

Looking forward, the Hot Docs Festival (a.k.a., the largest Documentary Festival in North America) offers a broad selection of over 200 films from around the globe to 200,000+ Torontonians every year. Though the 2019 Festival has already come and gone, the next festival will be taking place in a little less than a year from April 30 to May 10, 2020, and registration starts in October this year. Next Spring, you can expect an impressive line up of inspiring films to be showcased. Here’s a sneak peak of what was offered at the Festival this past year to give you an idea of what to expect. Stay tuned for further details on tickets, passes, and packages as they become available later this year.

Now, if you’re a member, expect to receive and save on:

  • exclusive early window on ordering tickets, passes and packages
  • up to 25% off tickets, passes and packages
  • no fees for online ticket purchases


With everything the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema is and offers, there’s no way to possibly cover every benefit of this historic, community landmark within one post. There are so many more initiatives and programs to explore! Other noteworthy interactive sessions and events include the Hot Docs Podcast Festival, Doc Soup, and Curious Minds. What a great way to engage, learn, and to connect with industry/subject matter experts (and possibly give you a platform to begin to become one yourself?). All that said, pay the Hot Docs website a visit to delve deeper into what you can expect to receive if you do decide to get involved. This page may be a good place to begin when browsing.


The summer may seem long, but will surely pass by in a short dim of the lights. Enjoy your next screening – now, time for the feature presentation!

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