Moving for Retirement: What you need to know

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Retirement isn’t just a change in your daily life; it’s also a chance to reconsider where you live. The idea of moving for retirement to find lower living costs, better weather, or a fresh environment is appealing to many of us. It’s an opportunity to move closer to family, reduce expenses, or embrace a lifestyle that truly matches our interests and dreams. This guide aims to simplify the process, highlighting key steps, important considerations, and the pros and cons of making such a significant life change, ensuring you make a decision that’s right for your future.

How to choose the ideal location?

Choosing the ideal location for your retirement is a crucial step in ensuring your later years are as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. It’s about finding a spot that resonates with your lifestyle preferences, budget, and desires for new experiences. Start by drafting a list of places that have caught your eye, whether they’re within Canada or beyond its borders. Then, take a closer look at each potential location by evaluating their advantages and drawbacks. For instance, British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia each offer unique settings that cater to a wide range of preferences, from the tranquility of oceanfront vistas to the excitement of urban life. Interprovincial movers can significantly simplify the logistical aspects of such a move, making the transition smoother.

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Retirement offers the opportunity to reevaluate your living situation for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

For those considering moving abroad, destinations like Mexico and Portugal have become increasingly popular among Canadians. They are not only prized for their lower cost of living, which can extend your retirement savings, but also for their rich cultures, warm climates, and stunning landscapes. Living in these countries can provide a backdrop for a retirement filled with exploration and discovery, from ancient ruins and busy local markets to serene beaches and lush countryside. This stage of life offers a unique opportunity to redefine what home means to you, whether it’s being closer to family, embracing a minimalist lifestyle, or fulfilling your dream of an adventurous life abroad.

Thorough research and visits to your shortlisted locations are essential. This approach enables you to make an informed decision that matches your retirement vision, ensuring your golden years are as rewarding and enriching as you’ve envisioned.

Steps to take before relocating for retirement

Relocating for retirement requires thoughtful planning that combines planning for your future lifestyle and managing your finances. This essential part of retirement planning ensures you make a move that aligns with your future needs and desires. Here are the key actions to take for a smooth transition, ensuring you’re set up for a comfortable life after work.

  • Do a test run: Spend extended time in your potential new home to experience local life beyond a holiday setting. Understand both the perks and challenges from a resident’s perspective.
  • Compare housing costs: Evaluate the financial implications of moving, including the sale of your current home, property taxes, and maintenance costs in the new location.
  • Assess the tax situation: Look into the overall tax burden, considering income, property, and sales taxes in your new home province or country.
  • Healthcare access: Ensure your new location has adequate healthcare facilities, especially if you have specific medical needs. Understand how your healthcare plan transitions with your move.
  • Consider transportation: Think about how you’ll get around in your new community. Access to public transportation, walkability, and proximity to an airport can greatly affect your lifestyle and mobility.
  • Pet considerations: If moving with pets, research the new area’s pet policies, especially if you’re considering a condo or a community with specific rules.

Taking these steps can help make your retirement relocation as smooth and enjoyable as possible, aligning with your financial and personal well-being goals.

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Weighting pros and cons before moving for retirement it key.

Pros and cons of moving for retirement

Moving for retirement is not always the best solution for everyone, this is why it is important to consider the pros and cons.


  • Reduced living expenses: Relocating can significantly lower your costs, especially if you opt for an area with a more affordable cost of living.
  • Improved climate: Many retirees look for warmer or more consistent climates to make their retirement years more pleasant.
  • New experiences: Moving gives you the opportunity to discover new places, cultures, and activities, adding value to your retirement.
  • Proximity to family: Moving closer to family members can help strengthen relationships and support networks.


  • Distance from familiar support systems: Moving away can mean leaving behind friends, your community, and established support networks.
  • Adjustment period: It can take time to feel at home in a new place, with challenges in adapting to a different lifestyle or community.
  • Unexpected costs: The process of moving and settling in a new location can bring unforeseen expenses, affecting your budget.
  • Healthcare changes: Access to quality healthcare can vary by location, potentially complicating management of existing health conditions.

Weighing these factors carefully against your personal preferences and financial situation is crucial for making a decision that truly enhances your retirement years.

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Expert assistance from Phillips Moving and Storage can make your retirement move seamless.

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When the time comes moving for retirement reaching out to Phillips Moving and Storage is a smart choice. Whether you’re downsizing to a cozy apartment in a big city, moving to a tranquil cottage by the sea, or embarking on an adventure abroad, we offer tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs. Our team of professionals provides comprehensive support, from packing your belongings with care to managing the logistics of transportation, making the journey to your ideal retirement setting as seamless as possible. Trusting us with your relocation allows you to focus on the excitement of starting a new chapter in your life, secure in the knowledge that every detail of your move is in capable hands.

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