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Moving from Toronto to California can be quite an undertaking. Long-distance moves require plenty of planning and preparation when you’re moving within the country – and when it’s a cross-border move, even more so! For most people, this type of relocation happens only once or twice in their lives. It can be difficult to think of everything when dealing with a relocation of this scale. That’s where the professionals at Phillips Moving and Storage Toronto come to help. For us, this isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event – it’s our everyday! From customs forms to home packing, we know exactly how to prepare, which questions to ask, and most importantly, how to get you to your new home safely, efficiently, and affordably. So don’t hesitate to reach out and book your move with us!

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Move to California with some of the best cross-border movers- Phillips Moving and Storage!

Get to know us

Phillips Moving Company is a respected and skilled mover offering various professional services. With a strong track record of quality and customer satisfaction, our experienced team handles long-distance moves with simplicity. In addition, we also provide additional services such as packing, storage, and specialized handling. The safety and security of belongings are paramount to us, and we have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles. On our website, customers can access detailed information, request quotes, and contact our customer service team. Choose Phillips Moving for reliable and efficient moving services.

A century of moving experience

At Phillips Moving and Storage, we have 100 years of experience moving people across Canada and the United States. In fact, California is one of the most common destinations for our clients moving from Toronto. With our modern moving trucks and our nationwide network of United Van Lines moving agents, we’re the Toronto moving company best equipped to carry out your relocation.

Moving services we offer

Our company provides a wide array of moving services to meet diverse needs and preferences. Here are some notable services that may interest you when relocating from Toronto to California:

  • For commercial moves, our team specializes in handling the complexities involved with utmost precision and efficiency.
  • When it comes to long distance moves, we possess the necessary expertise to coordinate and execute them, ensuring the safe and timely arrival of your belongings.
  • We provide specialized moving services for delicate, valuable, or unique items like pianos, artwork, antiques, and more.
  • For international moves, we have the experience to facilitate seamless transitions across borders, offering assistance with customs documentation and logistics, ensuring a smooth adjustment to your new country.

Reasons to hire our movers when moving from Toronto to California

We are proud to be accredited by both the Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Association of Movers, and we serve as agents for United Van Lines. We are committed to meeting the highest standards and take our responsibility towards others seriously. With a century of history, we have not only survived but thrived by consistently delivering exceptional service to our clients. Our company has the capacity to handle relocations worldwide, yet we remain small enough to care about the quality of your moving experience genuinely. Regardless of your destination, we will transport you with expertise and unwavering dedication. Our aim is to earn your trust, respect, and gratitude, going beyond a mere business transaction.

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Call us today to book our moving services!

Exceptional packing and storage services

Relocating from Toronto to California is a significant undertaking that often requires strategic planning and execution. Phillips Moving and Storage is here to ease that process for you. During such a long-distance move, you might find yourself in need of temporary storage solutions. Perhaps your new home in California isn’t ready for move-in, or you’re downsizing and need extra space to store items until you can sort them out. Maybe you’re taking a phased approach to the move, transporting items gradually instead of all at once. Whatever your situation, we provide secure and dependable storage services to accommodate your needs. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental options in our meticulously maintained and secure facilities, making them ideal for safeguarding your household or business items during the transition.

We also offer expert packing services, ensuring your valuable possessions are optimally protected, whether in transit or safely stored in our units. Our team of skilled Toronto movers and packers are trained to handle the intricacies of a long-distance move like yours. These services can be utilized independently or integrated into your comprehensive moving package. Let us know your specific needs, and we’ll be ready to provide a seamless, stress-free move to California.

How to get in touch with our movers?

Getting in touch with our representatives and obtaining the information you need is a straightforward process. Begin by reaching out to us to receive a free estimate for your move. You can contact us via phone, email, or by filling out a quote form on our website. Provide us with details about your specific moving requirements. Our team of experienced Toronto movers will then develop a personalized moving plan designed to cater to all your unique needs. Sit back, relax, and experience firsthand the seamless and stress-free move that our experts at Phillips Moving and Storage are dedicated to providing.

What do you need to know about California before moving?

California is a very large state, and it draws new residents for a wide variety of reasons. If you have family in the US, it’s quite possible they live in California. And, of course, this state has the largest economy in the country, so it’s very likely that you’re moving from Toronto to California for work. After all, between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, there are endless opportunities for great, high-paying jobs. From small startups to huge, multi-national corporations like Google and Apple, there is a constant demand for talented workers. If you’re one of them, you’ve got many opportunities to choose from. And chances are, you’re already employed by one of these companies.

Of course, California is known for more than Hollywood and Silicon Valley. The geographical location of the state gives you access to the ocean, mountains, national parks, forests, and so much more nature. From coastal highways to great food, arts, and beautiful weather, there’s a lot to look forward to when moving from Toronto to California.

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Cities in California are generally more expensive than Toronto.

Essential considerations before moving from Toronto to California

Before moving from Toronto to California, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Climate: California has diverse climates ranging from Mediterranean to desert.
  • Cost of living: California generally has a higher cost of living compared to Toronto, especially in major cities.
  • Housing market: The housing market in California can be competitive, so research the market and consider factors like proximity and affordability.
  • Transportation: Having a reliable mode of transportation is important in California due to its size.
  • Job market: Research the job market in your field and location of choice.
  • Taxes: California has higher state income taxes compared to other states.
  • Natural disasters: Be aware of the risks of wildfires, earthquakes, and occasional droughts.
  • Outdoor activities: California offers a wide range of outdoor activities and natural attractions.
  • Cultural diversity: Embrace the multicultural environment and explore diverse cultural experiences.
  • Healthcare and education: Research healthcare options and education systems in your new location.

When should you organize your move?

When planning your move from Toronto to California, it’s worth considering certain times of the year that can provide benefits such as lower costs and easier access to moving services. Moving during the off-peak seasons, typically during the fall or winter months, can often lead to these benefits. It’s also advantageous to select a mid-month or mid-week moving date as demand for these services tends to be lower in contrast to weekends or the start/end of the month.

However, it’s also essential to consider the specific climate conditions of your destination. Moving to California means you need to account for the region’s weather patterns. It’s recommended to plan your move at a time when California’s weather is most stable, typically avoiding the high summer temperatures. Balancing these considerations can ensure a smoother and more cost-effective transition from Toronto to the sunny state of California.

a woman writing something on the box before moving from Toronto to California
Make sure to ask your movers all the right questions before Moving from Toronto to California.

Moving from Toronto to California? Choose Phillips Moving and Storage!

Let Phillips Moving and Storage make moving from Toronto to California seamless for you! We strive to demonstrate our expertise and commitment to simplifying what can otherwise be a daunting move to California. As a full-service moving company, we at Phillips Moving and Storage Toronto bring to the table the skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment that distinguish us from other moving companies. But we don’t just offer services – we form partnerships with our clients, standing by them every step of the way in their relocation journey. We invite you to reach out to us and experience the difference of a professional, reliable, and customer-focused moving partner that understands your unique needs and is ready to meet them. Call us today and hire us to be your moving partner you can rely on.

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