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If you’re considering moving from Toronto to Florida, many different factors are involved in undertaking such a long-distance relocation. For one thing, there are customs documents that need to be sorted out. The weather and climate are quite different from what you’re used to in Ontario and pretty much any city in Florida. Whether you’re moving to Jacksonville, Orlando, or Miami, you’ll have to consider which of your clothing, furniture, and other household possessions really need to come with you. Surely not your winter coats! Since there are many things to think about, the best thing you can do is leave the moving tasks to Phillips Moving and Storage Toronto professionals. We can take care of everything from start to finish. Reach out to us to give us the details of your move so we can start planning.

tall buildings in Florida
Learn about the weather differences before moving from Toronto to Florida!

Our mission

Phillips Moving and Storage is a highly-regarded, seasoned moving firm that provides an array of expert moving services. Our reputation is built on quality and customer satisfaction. Our competent team of movers is equipped to handle a wide variety of moving tasks, always prioritizing clear communication with clients to ensure a smooth, stress-free moving experience. We hold the safety and security of our client’s possessions in the highest regard during every move. Detailed information about our services, as well as a feature to request quotes and connect with our customer service team, can be found on our website. 

Moving services we provide

Our company offers a comprehensive range of moving services to cater to various needs and requirements. Here are some of the key moving services you might be interested in when moving from Toronto to Florida:

  • Commercial movers: Our team understands the unique challenges involved in commercial moves and can handle the logistics with precision and efficiency.
  • Long distance movers: We have the necessary expertise in coordinating and executing moves over extended distances, ensuring that belongings reach their destination safely and on time.
  • Packing services: Our professional packers use high-quality packing materials to ensure the safe transportation of belongings.
  • Storage services: If customers require storage solutions before, during, or after a move, we offer secure and convenient storage options.
  • Specialty moving services: We also offer specialty moving services for fragile, valuable, or unique items such as pianos, artwork, antiques, and more.
family packing before moving from Toronto to Florida
Get all the necessary moving services in one place!

Benefits of hiring our movers when moving from Toronto to Florida

First of all, we hold accreditation from both the Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Association of Movers. We also proudly serve as agents for United Van Lines. Our commitment lies in consistently meeting the highest benchmarks possible and appreciating the accountability we have towards others. With a history spanning nearly a century, we have not only endured but flourished by consistently providing exceptional treatment to our clients. Our company possesses the necessary scale to handle relocations across the globe. However, it remains small enough to care about the quality of your moving experience genuinely. No matter your destination, we will transport you there with expertise and unwavering dedication. Our goal is to earn your trust, respect, and gratitude, surpassing the boundaries of a simple business exchange. 

How to contact us and book your services?

Getting in touch with us and booking our services is a straightforward process. To begin, connect with us to get a free quote. Share your specific relocation needs with us, and our experienced team of movers in Toronto will craft a personalized moving plan just for you. Then, sit back and watch as our professionals execute a flawless, hassle-free move tailored to your requirements.

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It is very easy to contact us and book your services!

When is the best time to move from Toronto to Florida?

Determining the optimal time to move from Toronto to Florida can depend on numerous factors, including your individual preferences, budget, and specific situation. It’s generally less expensive to move during the off-peak seasons like fall or winter due to the decreased demand for moving services. This also allows for greater scheduling flexibility. Moreover, planning your move for mid-month or mid-week may provide additional cost benefits as these times typically see less demand compared to weekends or month’s start or end.

However, when considering a move to Florida, it’s vital to account for the local climate. Ideally, you should aim for a period when the weather is stable, avoiding Florida’s hurricane season. Therefore, a well-timed move might be in late fall or early winter, when both the Toronto and Florida climates are relatively moderate, moving costs might be lower, and the risk of encountering a hurricane in Florida is minimal.

What should you ask your movers?

You should also ask a couple of important questions when hiring a company, including ours. Inquire about the company’s experience in the moving industry, relevant certifications, licenses, and insurance coverage. Then, ask about the specific services they offer, such as packing, unpacking, storage, or specialty item handling, to ensure they can meet your specific needs. Request a detailed breakdown of the pricing structure, including any additional fees or potential extra costs. It’s also important to ask for a written estimate to avoid any surprises later on. Check their availability and discuss potential moving dates to ensure they can accommodate your preferred timeline. Ask about the safety measures they have in place to protect your belongings during the move, such as packing materials, equipment, and any insurance options available. 

Things to know before moving from Toronto to Florida

Aside from the climate, there’s a noticeable difference in culture when moving from Toronto to Florida. Even within the state of Florida itself, you’ll find noticeable differences between the northern and southern regions. The same goes for the different cities. For example, Miami is known for its vibrant Cuban culture. It’s situated on the southern coastline of the state. It is a hotspot for people who enjoy dancing, Latino arts and music, and good food.

Meanwhile, Jacksonville is the most populated city. It’s home to universities, a long Atlantic coastline, and a prominent downtown. Orlando feels different altogether, as it’s the location of Disneyworld and other major tourist attractions. Outside of the cities, there’s plenty to explore once you’ve relocated to Florida. If you enjoy nature, you’ll love the Everglades, Dry Tortugas, and Biscayne National Parks. You’ll never be bored with all there is to experience in this rich state.

The difference between Florida and Toronto

Florida and Toronto differ significantly in their climates, lifestyles, economies, and cultures. Florida boasts a tropical climate with hot, humid summers and gentle winters, contrasting with Toronto’s humid continental climate, which brings warm summers and frigid winters.

In terms of lifestyle, Florida is renowned for its easygoing, relaxed ambiance. In contrast, Toronto, being a cosmopolitan city, exudes a dynamic and culturally diverse atmosphere, with a rich blend of art, music, theater, and global cuisine. Economically, Florida’s sectors are majorly shaped by tourism, agriculture, aerospace, and international trade. Toronto, as a key financial and business center, sustains a multifaceted economy that thrives on finance, technology, film production, and manufacturing sectors.

While English is the predominant language in both Florida and Toronto, Toronto’s multicultural character means it is also home to a multitude of languages, mirroring the city’s diverse population.

a coastline
Florida is much warmer than Toronto.

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