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Welcome back to our “Customs With Katy!” International Edition blog feature, where we focus on International customs-related topics for various countries abroad, brought to you by none other than Phillips’ very own Move Manager, Katy Duncan! Moving on! Now, we’re taking you from scenic Europe to the land down under. Before moving your belongings to Australia, check out some of the basic essentials here before looking into the country’s customs at greater length. Below are a few pointers to get you started:


Note: the following tips are paraphrased as seen in the original source (accessible by clicking here):


A number of companies specialize in global relocations, so ensure that you receive several quotes before making your decision (note that the cheapest quote you receive will not always be the best option). You should consider:

  1. how long it will take your belongings to arrive
  2. insurance policy details and whether or not the company you select can help with customs documentation

Below are a few additional general tips:

  • read reviews and testimonials online from the company’s you are considering before making a final decision
  • determine what you will bring, and what you will sell or donate based on a thorough cost/benefit analysis
  • Australia runs on 230V power, so think twice about bringing electrical goods with you – you may have to opt for adapters if you want them to function in the country


What can I buy in Australia?

As mentioned above, conduct a cost/benefit analysis and do some research online to get a sense of the cost of buying items in Australia versus shipping those items from home. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be able to furnish your home to your liking when you arrive, and there are several electrical and homewares retailers online so that you can get a sense of pricing.


Cashing in before you leave to move to Australia

If you decide to start over in Australia and leave all of your current personal belongings behind, why not consider selling or donating what you can before you depart? This could contribute to paying off at least part of the cost of your move, where eBay would be a great place to start.


What can I bring into Australia?

The quarantine laws are strict, especially with restrictions regarding food, plant, and animal materials/products. Permits may even be required in some cases. So, before deciding on what you want to take with you when moving, check with Australian customs to be safe.


To review: All clear with the basics? Great! Interested in moving on? Perfect. There’s a lot to learn. Now, don’t forget to visit the original article we referenced and based this post on as well. If you’d like to find out more from this same source, we recommend reading through these few, fairly detailed posts:


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For additional cross-border (and international) customs tips, periodically check out our frequent news updates.

As always, until next time, stay safe and stay customs compliant!

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