Moving to British Columbia: What you need to know

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Thinking about a fresh start with lovely views and kind neighbors? British Columbia is calling your name! This place has amazing sights and great people. And guess what? With the help of the top movers Toronto has to offer, moving will be a breeze. Explore our handy guide, crafted with simplicity in mind. It offers all the essential tips and tricks to make your move to British Columbia stress-free. Tailored just for folks like you, it ensures you’re well-prepared for this exciting journey. With the right information at your fingertips, your transition will be both fun and effortless. So, are you ready to embark on this grand adventure?

Geography and climate

After moving from Toronto to Vancouver, you’ll notice a remarkable transformation in the scenery. The Rocky Mountains are on the eastern edge of the province, and they’re a big part of what makes the area special. Vancouver, sometimes called “Raincouver,” has mild winters and warm summers because it’s close to the Pacific Ocean. The ocean helps keep the weather pretty steady all year long. But it also means that it rains a lot, especially in the fall and winter, so it’s a good idea to have an umbrella with you. Always be ready!

If you go inland to places like Kelowna and Kamloops, you’ll find the weather gets hotter and drier in the summer, often going over 30°C (86°F). Winters are colder, and snow is usual. If you like winter sports, Whistler is a great place to visit. It’s not far from Vancouver and gets a lot of snow, which is good for skiing and snowboarding. The mountains are especially nice in winter, and the cold air and snow make it a special place to be.

aerial view of the road
British Columbia’s landscape is mesmerizing.

British Columbia’s major cities and regions

Vancouver is a city where nature and city life go well together. It’s by the ocean and has many parks and diverse neighborhoods. One big park, Stanley Park, offers a natural getaway right in the city. Victoria, the capital city located on Vancouver Island, is also worth mentioning. It’s known for its older British-style buildings and beautiful gardens. You can:

  • Stroll through the historic Inner Harbour
  • Visit the renowned Butchart Gardens
  • Immerse yourself in a city that’s as regal as it is welcoming

Kelowna is in the middle of the province and has warm weather that’s great for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. You can also find many vineyards in the area. This makes it a good place for wine lovers to explore different flavors. During the summer, you can enjoy water sports like swimming and boating on Okanagan Lake. When winter comes, Big White Ski Resort is a popular spot for skiing and snowboarding. It’s an area that offers something for everyone, year-round.

Check out various cities and local areas before you hire reputable long distance movers Ontario offers to see what’s available and how you could become part of the community.

Economy and job opportunities

Another important thing to take care of before moving with Canada cross country movers is securing a job. British Columbia has a strong and varied economy. Its location on the Pacific Ocean makes it a key center for trade with other countries. Vancouver is becoming an important city for tech companies. The film industry is also a notable employer, attracting individuals with talents ranging from acting to film production. Other big parts of the economy include forestry, mining, tourism, and film production. If you’re thinking about moving from Ontario, it’s a good idea to look at job opportunities in these industries in British Columbia.

co-workers talking
British Columbia is a place where you can thrive in any way.

Look for jobs that match what you’re good at and interested in. Talk to people who work in that field and check job ads to see what’s available. Cities like Vancouver have many events like job fairs where you can meet people who can help your career. But remember, moving isn’t just about a new job. It’s also about getting used to a new way of living and joining a new community. Get involved with local groups, go to social events, and take part in all the fun and interesting things that British Columbia offers.

The cost of living

You can find all kinds of places to live, from city apartments with great views to comfortable homes in quieter areas. In downtown Vancouver, you’ll see a lot of condos and townhouses, while the suburbs have larger homes that are great for families. The housing market in British Columbia is shaped by how many people want to live there and how many homes are available. The strong economy also plays a part. Vancouver’s housing market is especially busy, and finding an affordable place to live is a big topic for many people. Engaging a real estate professional who understands market trends is invaluable in making informed decisions.


British Columbia’s transportation infrastructure is designed to connect you with your daily needs and adventures. The Trans-Canada Highway provides a vital cross-province route, facilitating both commuting and exploring. Vancouver offers an efficient public transit system, including buses, SkyTrain, and SeaBus, which are environmentally friendly and an excellent way to navigate the city.

a person calculating before moving to British Columbia
Reconsider your budget multiple times before moving.

Moving to British Columbia is an adventure you cannot miss!

Change can be both exhilarating and challenging, but it’s within those moments of stepping outside your comfort zone that you discover your true strength and resilience. Each city, region, and neighborhood you explore by moving to British Columbia has its own story to tell, waiting for you to become a part of it. Embrace the diversity, embrace the culture, and embrace the beauty that this province offers.

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