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We recently sat down with our sales team to compile a list of Phillips’ top moving & relocation FAQ’s. In this segment, we’ll answer the questions which we most frequently receive from our (potential) customers relating to the services our company can offer you, our new or returning client.


In fielding hundreds of customer inquiries per month throughout the booking to moving process, and in helping move several delighted families and individuals, below are the most common FAQ’s we receive about our services. Let’s begin with this overarching FAQ:


Q. What is a van line agent?

A. Canadian consumers have grown accustomed to the exceptional quality control which is exercised by multi-location companies such as McDonalds where the Big Mac purchased at “Location A” is identical to the Big Mac purchased at “Location B.” Unfortunately, such quality control is not as common in the moving industry.  That’s where the major van lines come into play.

If you are moving from one province to another, and you’ve obtained several cost estimates but you don’t understand why there are two company names on the mover’s business cards, sales literature, or maybe even the company’s moving trucks, we will clarify this.

You see, a little mover’s name and the big van line’s brand name have slightly different roles in the moving process (i.e. Phillips Moving, being a member of United Van Lines Canada). Sales professionals all tell you that the little names are “van line agents” (agents for the big, national brand name), but you’re still confused. “What’s going on? What is a van line agent? How does this affect my move?” Understanding the answers to these questions can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your moving experience.

Local Moves
It’s really quite simple: when a move takes place within 200 km of the moving company’s location, the “little name mover” operates as itself and moves your shipment under the operating license authority which is granted by the provincial authority. When you move locally, however, you will notice that while the truck and the mover’s uniforms may display the big van line’s name, all of the legal documentation and paperwork (the bill of lading, inventories, etc.) shows only the little mover’s name.

Inter-Provincial Moves
When you move across provincial lines, the move is generally performed under the operating authority of the “big name mover” (the national van line brand name). The van line provides over-arching policies & procedures which assist in ensuring that your move is properly executed by all parties involved.



Q. Can Phillips move me to place ‘X’ (i.e. Calgary, AB)?

A. You bet – as a Toronto member of United Van Lines, we can get you from anywhere to anywhere. Where most moving companies pride themselves on local moving, we do it all. You name it – Local, Long Distance, Cross-Border, International, Phillips has got you covered (why not skim through our site by the way?) Just remember … “Whether you are moving across town, across Canada, across the border or across the world….We’ll Get You There!”


Q. Can you move me internationally?

A. Yes, we can get you from anywhere in the GTA to anywhere in the world, whether it is to London, England, Lima, Peru or Tel Aviv, Israel. Each destination country has its own unique set of customs rules and regulations, but not to worry – we will help you navigate all of them. Please contact us for more details and even check out our recently introduced “Customs With Katy! International Edition” blog initiative for a sample of some complementary insight we share on this type of relocation.


Q. Can you move me from Canada to the USA?

A. Yes. As a Toronto member of United Van Lines, we can get you from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in the USA. Shipping household effects into the USA has some unique customs requirements (which we routinely blog about, that you may want to check out here), however, we are used to dealing with these everyday so it is no problem. Please contact us for more details.


Q. Am I allowed to move my household goods to the USA?

A. We can move your household goods to anywhere in the USA, without a hitch. However, you will require permission from US customs to import your effects. This will depend on your citizenship and your status with the US government. We can help you navigate this process as we assist our customers with these topics and more every day. Contact our office to get started.


Q. Can Phillips do the job?

A. Of course! Our team (from office to crew) prides itself on being fully equipped, prepared, and obligated to delivering you the best possible relocation experience from the time you first get in touch with us, to the time you have your final interaction after your move is complete. We are very proud of our dedication to exceeding expectations, and take it very seriously. We’re not kidding – just ask our past clients/customers what they thought. We’ll get you there!

In any case, our moving teams (which are more of a tightly-knit family) uphold a very high standard of excellence (and they are attentive and friendly), both obligated and motivated to providing the best possible moving experience to you and/or your family!


Q: I have a really big house with a lot of stuff…can you guys handle it?

A. We are much more than just two guys with a truck. We work with and have many packers, movers, and trucks, so we can handle any size of move, no matter how large or small. Call us today for more details on how we’ll make it happen.


Q. Do you offer storage?

A. Yes. Whether you just need storage overnight while you get the keys to your new home, or if you need long term storage for months and years, we can help. Our Toronto warehouse is 16,000 square feet of climate and pest-controlled storage that is secure and safe.


Q. Do you offer packing services?

A. Yes – we can professionally pack all of the items in your kitchen cupboards, dresser drawers, and closets into boxes and cartons.


Q. What is the difference between packing and loading?

A. Packing means taking individual items out of your cupboards and drawers, wrapping them in paper and putting them into cartons for safe handling. Loading means moving items from your home out to the moving van and securing them for transport. When it comes to packing, you can do it yourself or have us do it, whatever works best for your budget. Please contact us for more details.


Q. Do I have to purchase packing services with my move?

A. If you prefer, you can just pack your own boxes and then let us move them for you.


Q. Will you disassemble my furniture?

A. Yes – we will take apart any furniture items that require disassembly in order to be safely moved. The most common items are dining tables as well as headboards, footboards and rails, however, we will work with you on all your effects to ensure safe transportation. Any item that we disassemble will be re-assembled by us, after delivery. Some unique items like elaborate entertainment and wall units, as well as some exercise equipment, might require specialty technicians to disassemble and re-assemble, however we will make you aware of these items and we can also arrange these services if required.


Q. What is a shuttle truck?

A. When you are moving long distance – either across Canada or across the border to the USA – your effects will be transported on a large Tractor Trailer or highway unit. Many residences such as high rise buildings and downtown areas were not designed to accommodate large Tractors and Trailers. If the large highway unit is unable to access either your origin or destination residences, then a small “shuttle” truck may be required to facilitate the local transportation to and from your residence and the highway unit. If you require further clarification, please contact our office.


Q. Do you tip movers and if yes, how much?

A. Gratuity’s are in no way expected, however, as with any service, they are greatly appreciated. Our movers work hard (and all like high performance athletes, no doubt!), and so they can consume several snacks and beverages during a job. On a long, hot summer’s day, a mover can easily spend $20.00 on water bottles and/or Gatorade alone so every little bit helps to keep our crews sustained.


Stay tuned for more FAQ’s which will be periodically updated to this category over time. If you’re interested in checking out other categories of FAQ’s that we typically receive, then we recommend clicking here for updates every so often. We trust that these answers will clear up any uncertainties you may have, and we look forward to moving you and/or your family (again) in the near future! Thank you for your consideration.

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