Moving from Canada to France – all you need to know

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If you have ever visited France, you must have fallen in love with its culture, food, and architecture, among other things. There is the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and the famous croissant after all. However, if you wish to move to France from Canada, that is another story. When it comes to moving from Canada to France, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. Even though it’s a lot of work, such a relocation doesn’t have to be stressful. As long as you educate yourself beforehand and hire one of the best movers and packers Toronto has to offer, you will do just fine.

Why are people moving from Canada to France?

Throughout Canadian history, France has had a significant influence. When going to France from Canada, you can learn a lot, from the 16th-century French colonization of Canada to the Canadian Allied soldiers who fought on French soil in both World Wars. However, there are many reasons why Canadians decide to move to this wonderful location. According to the World Health Organization, the French healthcare system stands as one of the best in the world. Not to mention that they, on average, live longer than Americans. Furthermore, they have five weeks of paid vacation each year and work fewer hours each week. Besides these benefits, you can enjoy the stunning scenery in both bustling cities and quiet countryside. These are just some of the many reasons why people choose to hire long distance movers Canada residents trust and move from Canada to France.

People walking in front of the Louvre museum after moving from Canada to France
Moving from Canada to France comes with a lot of benefits.

Applying for a French visa

Before moving to France, you will need a French visa. This enables you to stay in the country legally for more than 90 days. However, you will also need to determine your situation, as there are different types of visas for different scenarios. Here are some of the reasons for your extended stay in this country:

  • Your spouse is legally residing in France. Therefore, you’re moving from Canada to France to live with them.
  • You are a student, an intern, or a scientific researcher.
  • You are employed in France with a minimum 3-year contract, or you’re a temporary employee with a contract between three months and one year.

Comparison between France and Canada

If you wish to hire one of the best international moving companies Canada has to offer and move, you’ll first need to learn more about France. Is it really worth it to move there? What are some of the key differences between these two places? Here we will discuss the most important distinctions:

  • Healthcare
  • Accommodation


Both French and Canadian healthcare enjoy an excellent reputation. However, even though the Canadian healthcare system is highly regarded, we’ve already mentioned how highly rated the French one is. Furthermore, France has the lowest global rate of deaths that may be prevented with healthcare. Most deaths are caused by tobacco or alcohol. And one more advantage is that there is no waiting time, which cannot be said for Canada. However, one thing we have to mention when it comes to the Canadian health system is that, for instance, asthma and diabetes are some of the chronic illnesses for which people don’t need to be hospitalized as frequently.

Text that says healthcare next to a green leaf
The healthcare system in France is better than the one in Canada.


As much as the healthcare system in a country is important, so is accommodation. If you wonder how different the prices are in France and Canada, we’ll elaborate. Both the cost of rent and the price of an apartment are lower in France. How much? Here is the comparison:

  • Rent for one bedroom apartment in the city center – $1,200 in Canada and $780 in France
  • Rent for one bedroom apartment outside of the city center – $1,020 in Canada and $640 in France
  • Price per square meter to buy an apartment in the city center – $6,560 in Canada and $6,145 in France
  • Price per square meter to buy an apartment outside of the city center – $4,900 in Canada and $4,740 in France

French public transportation system

It can be difficult to navigate the local public transportation system in a foreign country, especially if you don’t know the language. Therefore, it’s best you familiarize yourself and learn everything you can before you hire movers North York. In France, public transportation is governed by the Ministry of Ecology and Solidarity Transition. You can travel around by bus, trains (including TGV, RER, regional trains, and Intercity trains), metros, trams, and last but not least, taxis.

train in the train station
There are many ways in which you can go around in France.

French language and culture

France is the most ethnically diverse country in Europe and one of the oldest countries in the world, with a population of 68,042,591 (January 2023 estimate). Eighty-eight percent of the people living there speak French, which is the official language. On the other hand, although minority languages are not legally recognized, the majority of people who speak them also speak French. Therefore, besides French, you can hear Breton, Basque, Alsatian, and various other Gallo-Romance languages.

When it comes to French culture, you should know that the French take great pride in their country and government and can be offended by any disrespectful remarks about it. Therefore, visitors, Canadians included, may mistakenly see this behavior towards foreigners as impolite. If you’re moving from Canada to France, you should not make this mistake. In France, the importance of food and wine is paramount, and long dinners are the focal point of much social interaction in French households. Besides food, France is also known for fashion and art. High-end fashion houses, such as Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel, have their headquarters in Paris. Here we can also find numerous well-known works of art, like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, located at one of the biggest museums in the world, the Louvre Museum.

Embrace the change

France is a great country, you will have a great time once you settle in! Hire professional movers and do some research before you leave, and you will have no problem adjusting to your new surroundings. Moving from Canada to France is a great opportunity to start a new lifestyle. So start your new adventure with a smile and enjoy all the benefits this change will bring you.



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